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Mmmm… our house smells like berries.

Grumpy Bear’s mother is working a farmer’s market stand & so we are getting a lot of fruit & veggies from her. With our new deep freeze set up in the garage that means we are freezing a lot for the winter.

Tonight we put into bags 16 cups of strawberries & 30 cups of cherries.

I had cleaned, pitted & froze the cherries in single layers on trays a couple of weeks ago (before I went away) & Grumpy Bear’s mom had cleaned, hulled & frozen in a big tub the strawberries.

The cherries went wonderfully into two cup bags (well, besides the one tray I dropped on the garage floor that needed to be washed again). The strawberries were a little nightmarish. It was one giant frozen block that I had to chisel apart. I suspect I am going to wish those big strawberries were cut into halves or quarters when I go to use them but that is yet to be seen.

Tomorrow is the first day of my new push at the gym. Consistency has been a tough thing for me to pull off lately with the lack of results that go along with that. So for 8 weeks I’m going to put in a good solid effort with no expectations of results. In 8 weeks it would be great to see some real weightloss, energy improvement & strength gain, but before that point I refuse to be disappointed if things don’t improve — in fact I expect my energy will get worse.


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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted & I apologize. I’ve been in that never, never land of mine somewhere between life is ok & oh no I’m sliding into the abyss of depression. I think I am (thanfully) starting to tip back towards life is ok.

I just returned from 9 days in Alberta visiting family with my Mom & Diaperbutt. It was, as usual, a whirlwind trip. Too many people, too many places, not enough time. I will attempt to post some pictures soon.

Mom REALLY wanted to bring the stroller, but when we packed up the car to head to the airport there was just no way that 3 adults, one baby in a huge carseat & the bags (including the large hockey bag for the carseat for the plane) were all going to fit with room for the stroller – so the stroller was left behind. No big deal in my mind, Mom was not impressed.

Arrival in Alberta & first thing in the morning my Grandma is on the phone with her friends & neighbours to see if anyone has a spare stroller, no luck but she did find a highchair which was a wonderful help. Then we spend a good part of that day driving around to garage sales & second hand stores looking for a cheap stroller to no avail. In the evening a call to my aunt who will be coming over on the weekend & she is sure she can find one. Wow – lots of effort for something I’m pretty sure I do NOT need – sigh.

Next day & one of Grandma’s neighbours calls to say there is a stroller at a garage sale in town for $20 & we buy it. That evening my aunt calls to say she also has found a stroller. Woohoo (note the sarcasm).

My Mom & Grandma & aunt are all excited. It all seems very silly to me – I have a sling & an ergo carrier with me which just seems so much simpler to me. Mom assures me we NEED the stroller so other people besides me can push Diaperbutt around (ok – not sure what the excitement is) & that I’ll be happy we have it when I get tired (I’m pretty accustomed to carrying my 25+lb baby) or want my hands free (last time I checked I have my arms free when he’s on my back).

Oh well, we now have strollers galore & everyone is happy & ready to prove to me how fabulous a tool the stroller is.

So this is my stroller report:

-Walks around town – I have stated that if they want to use a stroller that is great but I’m not interested in pushing it (why do I feel so absolutely ridiculous pushing it?). That works for the first walk but all those after that I seem to end up behind it tripping on the wheels (improvement needed: telescoping handles so those of us that are a little taller can comfortably walk behind the stroller without being slumped over & taking baby steps).

-Walks around Banff – because Diaperbutt keeps trying to climb out of the stroller & doesn’t seem able to fall asleep in it so I have learned to keep the ergo in the basket below just in case. This means that I end up with Diaperbutt on my back while pushing the stroller, which is rather handy for putting bags in.

-Shopping in Banff – hmmm, despite seeing lots of people with strollers the stores really are not made for strollers. Each store we want to go into someone ends up standing outside with the stroller as that is easier than trying to navigate it through the stores. I’m also finding I feel very in the way on the busy streets of Banff & doing a lot of apologizing (but maybe that is just my overly polite Canadian way?)

-Going to the hotel pool – the hotel had a lovely outdoor hot pool located on one of the upper levels with a fabulous view of the mountains. It really was lovely. Getting there was another story. Definitely NOT stroller accessible. We ended up lugging the stroller up & down & back up again full flights of stairs. True the first time we did not take the most direct route (thanks to the convoluted directions the front desk clerk gave us) but the stairs were entirely unavoidable anyway.

One week of stroller & I am fully unconvinced of it’s usefulness with only one happy baby in tow. Perhaps I will change my tune when a second one comes along but until then I think I will enjoy the ease of babywearing. Bonus: carrying an extra 25+lbs has got to be good for the fitness level!

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