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2010 is the 100th anniversary of Guiding in Canada!! We will be celebrating with all sorts of activities with the biggest being Guiding Mosaic 2010. I am super excited to be attending this event as the Co-Lead for Waterfront with my good friend Bert!

I attended Canadian Mosaic ’99 in New Brunswick as a lifeguard & Guiding Mosaic ’06 as a patrol guider & part-time lifeguard. Both experiences were absolutely fabulous, memorable events.

Bert & I have been working on getting our team in place (of course we are still needing lifeguards!) & planning out the details of the waterfront, but really I’m most excited for when everyone arrives in Guelph next July.


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The Big Girl got her tooth pulled today. I woke up early, nursed Diaperbutt & while he slumbered on I brought the Big Girl to the vet. It’s a little over a half hour drive from here but we like them so much there it is worth it. They told me to call in the afternoon to see when I could come back for her.

At 11:30 the vet called telling Grumpy Bear “She would probably be happier at home.”, which was really just a nice way of saying “Come get your mutt – she’s driving us nutty!”. Our girl has always been an anxious pup & she is far from happy when put into a kennel.

She seems to be doing well although her gums are awfully swollen & sore looking. She is refusing to eat (which made give her some more pain meds more difficult) & a little mopey but she’ll be just fine. She scared us a couple times this afternoon when her legs just crumbled under her but we’ll keep an eye on her & I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Grumpy Bear is commiserating with her – after all his dental work in Costa Rica before we left he knows better than most how she feels.

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Bummy Sunday

*Warning: if you are squeamish about teeth & blood please do not look ahead as I’ve posted a close up of the Big Girl’s injury.*

That’s what Grumpy Bear & I used to call Sundays when we were first living together. It just seemed to be a bad day of the week for us & we often ended the week on a low. But over the years we’ve generally found Sundays to be a touch more enjoyable with the occasional exception.

Today was an exception.

We started off slowly & grumpy this morning. We didn’t do the housework we planned yesterday & so our to do list today was longer than it should have been. We decided to go get lunch & then get at it when we returned. The powers that be had other plans.

We returned & as we were upstairs getting Diaperbutt settled for his nap we heard a crash & a dog scramble. Grumpy Bear went running down to break them up & when he returned he had the Big Girl with him with a bloody mouth. Closer inspection showed things were not looking good.

The Big Girl's left top lip looks quite swollen but it's actually her tooth pushing the lip out.

Why is it that pets never seemed to get injured at 9:00am on a weekday morning? Emergency trips to the vet are NOT cheap.

The Big Girl broke a tooth & it is now sitting at a horrifying 90* angle to the rest of her teeth. Oddly it is not at all wiggly & the vet figures she broke it off just above the jaw. She gave her a shot of painkiller & sent us home with two days worth until we can get her in to have it taken care of properly.

Just thinking about the grotesque angle her tooth is sitting at makes my skin crawl. I just wish we could figure out how she did it.

Our vet is fabulous & I know she will take good care of our girl, once again. She has been there for us through the years from when the Big Girl jumped out a second story window a couple days after her spaying & dewclaw removal surgery to redoing the paperwork multiple times when our move to Costa Rica was delayed due to flight unavailability.

But any way you cut it putting an older dog under general anaesthetic to remove a broken tooth (& ensure no shards are left behind to get infected) will not be a cheap. Sigh.


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He Found His Rhythm

Some babies apparently fall into a sleep rhythm quite young. Not my boy. But apparently turning one has been good for him as we finally have a predictable rhythm. It took a full year but I can now confidently tell someone what time my boy goes to bed.

I’ll admit I’m more than a little bit scared that putting this down in words will jinx the whole thing.

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I’m Going

I’m going to the gym tonight. I don’t want to but I’m going anyway.

Like our godson says “I don’t have to like it, right?”

Nope, I don’t have to like it, I just have to do it.

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Everyone has there pet peeves. And usually it is wisest not to let others know yours as your friends & loved ones are likely to use it against you. I’m going to vent it out anyway.

It’s the carts. Or rather the completely unbelievable laziness of people in parking lots.

Two days ago at the grocery store we loaded everything into the car, strapped Diaperbutt in & I put the cart in the buggy corral. I jumped into the car & Grumpy Bear backed out – bang, boom. Oh shit! We both thought we’d hit someone until I saw the cart rolling away from our bumper.

I jumped out to remove the offending cart totally confused where it had come from as we were both certain it wasn’t behind the car 2 minutes before when we were loading the trunk. A lady came running over & offers to take the cart telling me she just saw it come barreling out into the parking lot into our car (more of the cart hitting us than us hitting the cart kind of thing). For the life of me I could not find the louse who shoved their cart into the parking lot & got into their vehicle but I have the sinking feeling they were watching the whole scene laughing – they couldn’t have been far as the cart was dry & it was sprinkling out.

For the record – I don’t exempt myself from the lazy category – it is the reason we routinely park close to the buggy corral.

So tonight we pull into a parking spot right beside the buggy corral & watched as the lady in front of us – right. beside. the. buggy. corral. got in her suv & left her cart in the parking spot! How freakin’ lazy can you get!!! It was literally 4 extra steps to put the cart away!




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32 years ago my Mom woke up with contractions. After she was certain it was the real thing she woke my Dad who said “It can’t be, it’s too soon.” & rolled back over. Well, it may have been too soon but it was indeed time.

32 years ago my Mom gave birth to me. I didn’t really, truly appreciate that until I did the same for my child.

Thanks Mom!

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