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Tooth #6

I see a little tooth poking through Diaperbutt’s gum. To the left of his two bottom teeth. Hopefully this is why he keeps coming over to me & randomly biting me. And hopefully this means he will stop this irritating & painful habit.


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I have been working out with a personal trainer again for about 8 weeks now. Before that I had been doing it on my own (less successfully than I would have liked) pretty much following along the same basic program I’d been doing while in Costa Rica. It was definitely time for a change.

This certainly has shaken things up & upped the intensity. I’m glad. I was kind of sick of going to the gym & not seeing results. My results with this are so far more internal & intangible than they are scale or clothing related – but that too will come, these things take time when you have a body that apparently loves being fat.

So for those that might be interested in what I’m up to here is what we did yesterday:

Warm-Up (this is generally the same from day to day with a few small variations):

On the mat: spinal twists, scorpions, straight leg lifts, spinal bridges, fire hydrants, bird dogs & scap push-ups

Standing up: Arm circles, four to the floor, 30 jumping jacks

Down the room & back: toy soldiers, butt kickers & lunges

Oddly, although the warm-up is the easiest part of the workout I dislike it the most.


Sequence A: Squats (I’ve listed my weights below) superset with 10 Field Goals (lay on your back with a stability ball between your feet, raise your feet & arms above you & pass the ball to your hands, stretch back out reaching ball to floor above your head & reverse – that’s one).

Set #1: Bar x 15 (bar = 45lbs)

Set #2: 95 x 15

Set #3: 115 x 12

Set #4: 135 x 10

Sequence B: Walking Lunges with 15lb dumbbells (down & back, approx. 10 per leg) superset with Overhead Push Press with barbell (45 lbs)

We did 4 sets of this although usually we would only do 3. I always find the 2nd set the hardest mentally so when Marc announced after the 2nd set we still had 2 more my workout partner & I both groaned – it was like having to do the 2nd set all over again!

Sequence C: 15 Kettlebell Swings, 15 Medicine Ball Slams (I LOVE these – so much fun!) & 15 Seated Rows x 50lbs for 3 sets

Finisher: 250m row, my time was 55.7 – not terribly great but I’m getting faster

I do try to add in some more cardio on the treadmill or bike after the workouts but Tuesdays is my Girl Guide meeting night & I had to get showered & out of there quickly.

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After a long week with Diaperbutt & I sick (the cough & sniffles are still lingering) we have more than a little laundry to tackle – I do little housework when I get overtired. So today’s plan was to catch up on the mountain of laundry.

Our washing machine had different plans. It started smoking on the first load.

Damn – I hate it when my plans get ruined.

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It’s been a rough week here. Diaperbutt & I are both sick. It started out with just a bit of a cough & a sore throat & has sloooowly progressed to full blown fevers & misery.

In my own yuckiness I’ve been trying to find ways to keep the miserable boy distracted – the smallest things bringing my normally cheerful boy to tears. Nursing has not been as much of a comfort as usual as he is so stuffy that when he nurses he struggles to breathe.  At Christmas he had received this cute little train set as a gift.

Diaperbutt is all about things that hook together right now so trains are a big hit.

It has many pieces so I had not yet taken it out for him to play with (nice that he’s at an age where is memory is not quite perfect) saving it for a rainy day – our rainy day had come.

I'm sure this toy is not rated for use by children under 3 but...

In watching him delightedly play with all the little pieces (boy, does he like those little cars) I realized this toy was going to need a home to (try) to keep it all together.

Into a tunnel.

My Mom used to make all sorts of sweet little bags for things – she’s better at making felt shapes than I am but I think it is fairly obvious it’s meant to be a train. And I had exactly enough of this bright fabric for this project!

I absolutely love this fabric - I wish I had more of it for... well, I don't know what, but I do love the fabric.

Now – how to convince my boy that toys really can be put away as well as taken out?!

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A year ago I was frantically driving to unknown places in San Jose, spending hours on the phone & the computer – all in the pursuit of a Canadian passport & citizenship for Diaperbutt so we could come home to Canada to visit after Grumpy Bear’s father was diagnosed with cancer. It was a VERY stressful time. I was just feeling better from Diaperbutt’s delivery, our guests had just left & so had Grumpy Bear. And if you think the Canadian government gives you the run around you can only imagine the highjinks that are added when you combine it with the Costa Rican government & my incomplete Spanish!

But I got it all done in time – received his passport exactly 12 hours before our flight.

The citizenship card I was assured would take some time -but no more than 10 months.

I have been feeling a little restless about this issue lately – the card still had not arrived although we had received a mysterious (mysterious because my husband didn’t quite get the details right) in November about it being in Costa Rica.

Well, yesterday it arrived. Diaperbutt now has official proof he is a Canadian! It took one week short of a year to receive it & although he is most definitely not 61cm tall as it proclaims (really it is rather ridiculous to indicate height for an infant!) & his eyes are now a dark brown not blue (he was only 2 months old when I applied & still had those cloudy, undefined blue eyes of a newborn) he is without a doubt a cutie in his photo.

And they even returned the original Certificado de Declaracion de Nacimiento I had to send in with the application – I was certain that was gone forever – afterall who knows how many hands it passed through it’s Costa Rica – Canada – Costa Rica – Canada journey.

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This isn’t actually the first of my 52 projects to be complete but my mother-in-law has the photos for the first project on her camera. I like this goal. It has me really motivated to work on stuff around the house & I have been doing bits & pieces most days – unfortunately a lot of my projects have more to them then bits & pieces!

This morning my hallway looked like this:

When we bought this house the people before us (or perhaps before them) had put fake wood grain stick-’em tiles in all the rooms upstairs. Each room had a different wood grain pattern & in some of the rooms the tiles were in terrible condition – lifting & peeling & stained.We wanted to lift up the tiles & subfloor & have the original wide plank wood floors sanded & refinished but money & time did not permit that to happen before we moved back in, but I knew I couldn’t live with those hideous stick-’em tiles.

So I painted the floors except those rooms with real tile & this square in the hallway. This was where the washing machine was sitting & it wouldn’t fit through the doorways into one of the tiled rooms so I was forced to paint around it & we’ve been staring at that square ever since.

Yesterday I pulled the paint out with the intention of painting it after Diaperbutt went to bed but thanks to his unplanned nap during our hike yesterday he ended up being up much later than usual. So this morning I got brave & decided to go ahead & clean & paint it with him around.

It went very well, only took a few minutes & he found it so fascinating he just stood by & watched. Much easier than I anticipated.

Then I blocked off the wet area & moved on to other tasks.

The quick little guy pushed through my blockade, slipped on the wet paint, scared himself good, put a giant butt print in the fresh paint & tried real hard to ruin one of my favourite diaper covers.

While I cuddled away the tears & worked quickly to wash the diaper cover & ruined top Charlotte decided to put her mark on the project.

So with Diaperbutt in the tub (it kind of looks like I bathed him in mud!) I put another coat on the floor (don’t worry – our house is small & could see him in the tub the whole time & was never more than 4 steps away).

And now it is drying.

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Yesterday & today were a couple of those odd, warm days that make January bearable. Not particularly sunny but very mild with just the hint of a wind.

The dogs (& Diaperbutt) have been getting a little bit of cabin fever – despite our short, daily walks. We were all looong overdue for a hike.

So I got us all suited up (I forgot Macie’s coat yesterday & she seemed to fine without it as long as we kept moving) & loaded into the car to check out a trail on the other side of town.

The wind was stilled by the trees once we entered the forest making it truly perfect weather for a walk. I just had to watch my footing some as the snow was melting & every so often my foot would crash through unexpectedly.

It turned out to be a lovely 4.5km loop – just the right length for us right now. Yesterday we seemed to be the only ones out enjoying the trail but today it was a fairly busy place, we saw a few people cross-country skiing & few on foot like us.

Some fresh air & exercise made for a happy mommy & happy pups. I think I need to make a concerted effort to do this much more frequently.

As for Diaperbutt, he didn’t get as much out of the hike as I would have liked as he slept through most of it. I learned my lesson yesterday though. The unexpected nap ended up throwing off his whole schedule for the day. So today we went at his normal nap time & he was asleep within minutes.

Oh, & to the couple who’s dog went after Sadie – is it really that hard to carry a leash for those times when you do meet someone else on the trail?

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