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We finally have air conditioning. Well, ok, we finally have air conditioning in our bedroom. The rest of the house… still hot.

Originally we had been planning on putting in central air figuring it was a good selling feature & didn’t block up the few windows we have in this house. But the more we thought about it the more it didn’t make sense.

You see, we only have two registers upstairs, one in our bedroom which is pretty ineffective due to the long duct run & one in the hallway which is also pretty ineffective due to our habit of closing all the doors to keep the critters out of the rooms. Even if we did keep the doors open it would still take an awful lot of energy to cool upstairs (where we most want it cool) & in the meantime it would be FREEZING down here.

So, we’ve settled on window air conditioners. Of course, all the windows are different sizes so we’ve purchased the smallest ones we’ve found for our room & the office but haven’t found one small enough for Diaperbutt’s room yet.

On Saturday we spent the better part of the morning getting the one for our room installed – this was after our installation fail of Thursday night. We don’t have sliding windows & so had to make our own installation plan.

But it’s in & it’s lovely.

Hopefully the next two are quicker to install.


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Ok – first off this is waaaay overdue – I tend to be bad about taking my pictures off of my camera sometimes. Sorry.

A friend’s little girl was turning two, we couldn’t make it to her birthday party but I still wanted to give her something special. I had seen these neat bags a couple years ago & was excited to finally get to make one.

The finished product - an eye spy bag!

It was harder than I anticipated to find a bunch of small items to fill it & I’m not sure that the beans were the best call – they made the bag much heavier than I had intended.

After getting my picture collage all set-up it turned out to be tricky to print. Next time I will size it properly so it prints perfectly on a 4x6 card.

It only took her a few minutes to figure out the game. Diaperbutt was very curious about it as well. Hopefully they’ll find it to be a useful distraction in the car (or wherever!).

She found the green soldier!

It is so much fun to watch little ones play together.

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We are being treated to some amazing weather right now. It’s wonderful & I hope it means we’re in for a nice long summer – last year’s summer was so anti-climatic, it never seemed to warm up.

This is where we spent a couple lovely hours today.

As I still don’t have a bike seat for Diaperbutt we had to drive to the beach today so I decided we might as well check out the one that’s about 20km from here that I had heard good things about (& is just a little bit further than I would feel comfortable biking).

The beach was fairly private today. There was a work crew with a backhoe working in the parking lot (annoying noise to me - exciting action to Diaperbutt), an older couple for a short while had their lunch & a young couple with a baby girl came swimming for a little bit.

This was inaugaral beach trip of the year & there were a few things I forgot, but I did figure out a hat arrangement that Diaperbutt will actually keep on!!

Check out that cute little belly!

The water was warmer than I was expecting – I’ve definitely swum in colder, although today I did not swim, maybe next time.

First thing Diaperbutt did when we reached the water's edge was dig his chubby little fingers deeply into the wet sand.

I’m not a huge sand fan. Too many summers working on a beach have taught me there is no effective way to prevent getting sand into EVERYTHING!

Note to self: apple slices & cheese are too sticky for eating around sand.

I think I need to add some containers & such to dig & transfer sand & water with to our beach kit list.

It seems everything is in bloom so early this year. It really does feel like we've started summer early.

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Today as I approached the end of my workout Sarah said “One more set of these or row – you’re choice”. It’s not often I get a choice & with how my shoulders were screaming rowing was the clear choice.

One day I’ll cheerfully reply “BOTH!” but today I rowed.

My weight loss is not what I would like it to be but today’s row affirmed that all my hard work is paying off. I was actually able to pace myself appropriately instead of huffing & puffing through the whole thing wishing for the end & I even sprinted harder at the end finishing strong. I even finished with a good time.

I’ll keep working on wanting to do both.

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Wow was I happily surprised this morning when we woke up & came downstairs to find the thermometer already read 20 degrees! Ok, I’ll admit it wasn’t early in the morning – Diaperbutt & I rarely do early, but still, 20!!!

We spent most of the day outside. I worked hard on the swing seat repair I’m working on (hopefully I’ll finish it this week & be able to post the pics), Diaperbutt played, the dogs barked (you know how threatening people walking by the house can be) & the sun shined merrily upon us with only a slight breeze (it has seemed the wind has often been cold lately).

In the afternoon I got to sit on my swing seat (finally!) & read while Diaperbutt played (or rather hung on me & tried to grab at my book). And then after supper we went for a walk.

I love days that we are able to spend almost exclusively outside!

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Today’s been one of those days that despite my best efforts nothing turned out quite right.

I had hoped that tonight I could post a fun post about Diaperbutt’s first bike ride but the whole thing was a big fail.

I was super excited but the toddler seat doesn’t seem to be compatible with my shiny new bike. I spent a LOT of time adjusting & fiddling but it just won’t work. When I put it in the front it was very difficult to pedal as my legs kept hitting it & when I put in the back there was no room for Diaperbutt’s legs behind my seat.

So, it’ll be awhile longer until we have that exciting first ride.

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We have a black hole in our house. I have been losing utensils to it for awhile – I had hoped it was a Costa Rican black hole but it followed us here. I’ve recently had to buy a whole new set of utensils cause we were having to handwash spoons to get through the day (I loathe handwashing dishes).

This week we have lost a dustpan, a mop, a large dog water bowl, a backpack & a shoulder bag. THIS WEEK!!!! All these things I am certain are in the house somewhere but where is beyond me.

I doubt anyone cleans under their couches as often as me as I spend so much time searching for crazy things that are missing.

I do suspect a little boy with big brown eyes has something to do with most of the disappearances – if only he would tell me where the black hole is.

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