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Yesterday I competed in my second push/pull powerlifting meet. The first time was two & a half years ago before we moved to Costa Rica & I got pregnant with Diaperbutt.

It was a lot of fun. The neat thing about powerlifting is that although it is a competition it’s a really supportive environment. Everyone cheers for everyone else, offers tips freely & groans along with you when you miss.

This competition was a push/pull so just bench press (push) & deadlift (pull). You get 3 attempts at each lift. Generally you want your first lift to be something you know you can achieve, the second one to be a challenge & the third to be icing on the cake. You cannot decrease the weight so you have to be careful not to go too heavy to start.

For bench press I lifted 95lbs on my first lift, 105lbs on my second lift & missed 120lbs on my third lift.

For deadlift I pulled 265lbs on my first lift, 285lbs on my second (should have been 295lbs but I goofed & jumped the line & lifted on someone else’s turn!) & then 305lbs on my third go. I felt pretty good about that as my goal for the day was to break 300.

Two & a half years ago when I competed there were only 3 women lifting (myself, my trainer & one other). Yesterday there was 7 women lifting!

Winners were determined by using the Wilks formula which attempts to level things out despite differences in body weight. I ended up with a score of 148 with the winners coming in over 200.

I felt good about the day but must admit my body weight tainted the experience for me a bit. I’m pleased with where my fitness level is & how it is improving but would like how I look to more accurately reflect that. I will definitely compete again, hopefully much sooner than two & a half years! Bringing my body weight down would most certainly help my score, along with training hard to improve my lifts!

Sigh. Why does eating strict have to be so hard?

Grumpy Bear took some video so when I figure out how to get it off the camera & onto my computer I’ll post it.


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Accepting My Personal Style

It’s been about a year now since I made the conscious decision to stop wearing pants. I’ve always hated pants (oy, my Mom & I had some brutal arguments over me wanting to wear dresses to school in January). They never seem to fit right. But it seems that pants/jeans are the most acceptable clothing choice in our culture.

I have found it to be more of a life changing decision than I anticipated. It’s made shopping sooooo much simpler & less stressful (oh how I disliked trying on pants!). I find I no longer spend all my time in public feeling self-conscious about how the ill-fitting pants are squishing my fat in unattractive lumps & rolls. And I almost never put on multiple outfits in the morning trying to decide which I dislike the least.

But best of all I actually get dressed every. single. day. I used to spend any time I was in the house in my pj’s because I was just so uncomfortable in my clothes. The problem with wearing pj’s at home is that to leave the house you have to get dressed & so I would find myself spending more time inside the house than I wanted or intended.

I still have one pair of jeans in my drawer. Every so often I think it would be a good idea to wear them but within 10 minutes I am desperate to get them off – I’m just so physically uncomfortable.

Don’t worry – there are times when I accept that skirts just don’t do the trick. I never wear skirts to workout & when I play in the snow snowpants are the way to go.

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Some babies have soothers – Diaperbutt was never interested except for a brief period when in the car.

Other babies suck their thumbs – again no interest.

I hear other children yet have a favourite blanket – Diaperbutt gets rather irritated when you try to put a blanket it over him, I have to wait until he asleep to tuck him in.

And I’ve seen more than one child who has a favourite teddy or doll – Diaperbutt looks at them, looks at me & then either throws the toy on the ground or walks away.In fact he always looks rather creeped out by them.

I even understand that some children accept a comfort item as babies.

But my boy is unique.

He has adopted this as his comfort item:

Nothing like a cold metal water bottle to nuzzle up against while falling asleep!

When I read this to Grumpy Bear he thought I was going to post a picture of my boob – so I guess the water bottle has not been fully adopted.

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I have been terrible about posting lately – I just don’t seem to get enough time alone at the computer & Diaperbutt is everything but helpful when I try to open up my computer.

When Diaperbutt was really little I LOVED my ring sling. I made one for me & one for Grumpy Bear. He still uses his pretty regularly for hip carriers.

Here we are visiting La Paz Waterfall Gardens when my Mom came to visit us in Costa Rica.

It was so nice to always have his warm little body against me, we joked it was our magic sleep-maker as Diaperbutt could rarely stay awake for long in it. I had pockets in the tail so there was a spot for my wallet, keys & an extra diaper. The sling itself gave me a clean place to lie Diaperbutt down no matter where we were & more than once it provided the discreet space we needed to breastfeed.

Of course, when you find something that works well for you you want to share it with everyone!

I made this sling back in the winter for a friend. I tried a different shoulder type than I had used on our slings & liked it much better.

There are lots of great babywearing websites around & even some very informative youtube videos showing step-by-step instructions for every kind of babywearing device around. I realize now I probably wore Diaperbutt too low most of the time but it was comfortable for us & worked – with the next one I’ll have to play around with it more.

Pockets! Again a little different than what I had done with ours but I think this looks much nicer.

The hardest part about making the slings was finding the rings. Supposedly they can be found at “any local hardware store” but this proved to in fact be false. I try EVERY local (& not so local) hardware store & some specialty stores – no one had appropriate rings.

I sent this sling to close friends who just had a baby boy out east. Hopefully they've received it!

My Mom’s neighbour does some metal work & made these rings up for me at an incredible price. I’m a little bit worried they are too heavy but Grumpy Bear says I’m worrying for nothing.I’m planning on replacing the flimsier rings on our slings with these ones.

I like using woven fabric that’s not too heavy, although I recently saw someone else’s sling that was made from a slightly stretchy knit fabric. She said it was really comfortable so maybe it’s something I’ll try in the future.

Again with the pockets!

I’ve got another one planned for my¬† mother-in-law to bring to a baby shower she has been invited to. I don’t know the mother & I think I need to put together some sort of an information card on use. I’ll have to think some more on that.

I absolutely LOVE this fabric & can't wait to find another project to use up what I have left of it. Unfortunately I don't have enough for another sling.

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