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Many of us are fair weather friends of mother nature. It’s unfair to her really, we need to rainy days as much as we love the sunny days.

I’ve been trying to make a better effort on the not so great weather days to get outside with Diaperbutt anyway. He doesn’t care the weather & we both end up having a nice time. Plus, spending the whole day inside with my little bundle of energy tends to be frustrating for all.

A drizzly, overcast morning didn't deaden Diaperbutt's excitement over getting to drive Grandma's boat.

And in fact there are certain benefits to these days of less than perfect weather, like not needing to worry about trying to keep a sunhat on Diaperbutt’s head!

It doesn't take a sunny day to play with slimey algae on the river's edge. Or to get totally soaked doing so!

Just think of all the extra days in a year we have to enjoy mother nature if we stop letting the weather discourage us.

So much to explore - so little time.

Now I just need to solve the problem of our failing rain jackets.


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This evening I made a quick trip through Wal-Mart for a couple of items. When I hit the checkout & the rack of chocolate bars I must admit I was debating them.

Then a woman with an ass of steel & thighs to kill for walked between me & the chocolate bars.

All thoughts of chocolate left my mind.

It’s too bad my own aching muscles didn’t remind me of my goal on their own.

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Ok – I’ve been away from here for a long time. Partly ’cause I’ve been at camp for the past 2 weeks & partly ’cause the outdoors have called with lovely weather for the weeks before that. I’m sorry – I will try to reform my ways.

So I just returned from Guiding Mosaic 2010 where I worked as the co-lead for waterfront.

There were many things (outside of my control I must add) that did not go well, but I really don’t want to dwell on those things.

There were many things that went fabulously as well.

I co-lead waterfront with my friend Bert & I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. We balanced each other beautifully & I don’t believe at any point we had a conflict. We were able to make decisions on behalf of one another without worry of upsetting each other or disagreement. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!

Bert takes a moment to go for a short paddle.

Our team was equally wonderfully. With 41 Guiders & Rangers working with us there was potential for some tough times as well as wonderful but it never really happened. We had no major conflicts between personalities & for the most part everyone worked hard to make the camp a success (at least as far as waterfront was concerned).

Thankfully many of our team came over prepared with equipment which really saved us when much of the supplies & equipment we ordered didn’t turn up (can I reiterate this was out of our control?!).

I was so excited before camp to meet the women I had been interviewing by phone & corresponding with via e-mail. They seemed so wonderful from a distance & I was not disappointed in person!

Somehow a request for red mesh tanks turned into cotton candy pink long-sleeved t's. Ah well - at least you could tell who was on our team.

From their upbeat attitudes despite the “glitches” in equipment & supply requisitioning & scheduling to their get ‘er done spirits I was impressed. I was especially touched when the kayaking & canoeing groups decided they could offer a fourth session time most days to give more people a chance to paddle & then offered an evening paddle for adults a couple nights.

Just a few of our boats out on the water.

Even when our beach was shutdown due to water quality the lifeguards cheerfully helped us relocate our free swims to another beach with better water.

Our waterfront was pretty but being in a somewhat protected bay full of geese & gulls & a heat wave meant our water quality was not ideal.

Even the fact that despite the heat & sunny days we had we didn’t lose any of our team to heat or sun related illness was a testament to the quality of these women. I was impressed everyone kept themselves hydrated & practiced good sun safety (don’t get me wrong we had some burns but nothing major), even our Ranger members who were trying to get themselves a good tan.

We got our share of heat but we also got our share of storms! This one had us literally holding down our waterfront "marquee" for fear it would fly off leaving us all even wetter!

One of the things I find most inspiring about Guiding is the women I meet. I think with most other groups of people under the same stresses & disorganization things would have ultimately fell apart. Instead everyone pulled together & worked hard to do whatever they could do to make it come together (even if that meant some covert acquiring of supplies!).

From improvising buoy lines with string (instead of rope) & empty detergent bottles to figuring out how to repair the antennae on the weather radio that got stepped on during a busy rush to get everything safely stowed before a quick upon us storm this group knew how to get things done!

I am really proud to be able to say the waterfront team did everything we could to provide a great program & give as many girls as possible the opportunity to enjoy the water. I don’t believe anyone could accuse us of being inflexible or hard to work with.

Right up to the last day when I made a long list of things to do to shutdown waterfront everyone chipped in. I didn’t even need to follow up on our shutdown to do list ’cause someone else took over the responsibility of crossing off everything that was done!

In the end I think we ended up having a pretty good time & I definitely made some new friends.

Now, how to get us altogether again so we can go tripping together?!

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