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Yesterday evening Diaperbutt & I were bored. Yes, we have a ton of things we could have (should have?!) been doing around the house but I just wasn’t motivated.

So we decided to hit the beach. Apparently no one else thought it was a good idea ’cause we had the whole lovely place to ourselves.

A little bit of solitude. It's not often I get to sit quietly with my little guy, just listening to our breathing. Especially when he is awake.

I wasn’t really sure we would end up swimming but Diaperbutt was in the water before I could even contemplate changing him into his suit.

Luckily this was the first time I was brave enough to bring him out of the house without a diaper so going in with his clothes on didn't mean he was also absorbing the whole river.

It took me a little longer to get up the gumption to go in but once I didn’t I definitely didn’t regret it. These are the moments that I most feel the inconvenience of having cold urticaria – in the past I would not have hesitated to enter such a tempting body of water but now the anticipation of the itchy hives does slow me down. The temperature was perfect for swimming – as long as you stayed in the water! The water most definitely felt warmer than the air – I think I could have swam for hours (well, except for the previously mentioned cold urticaria).

Once we hit the beach & I offered a warm towel to cuddle Diaperbutt with he contemplated for a full minute whether to come to me or head back to the water, shivering with blue lips the whole time.

Enjoying a snack while warming up with a cuddle.

And as for the decision to go out without a diaper – worked out pretty well. He stayed dry from before his nap at 1:00 (a dry nap is pretty standard now) straight through until bedtime. We even went to the grocery store!


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Such A Waste

There is a house just around the corner from us with a big yard. That yard is filled to the brim with toys & sporting equipment. They have a trampoline, basketball net, covered sandbox full of miscellaneous toys, playhouse, balls, climber & a large play structure.

I have NEVER seen a child in this yard.

I now go out of my way to drive by in the hopes of seeing a child there.

Not a single sighting yet.

It bothers me. I don’t know why but something about just seems so… sad, wrong, ridiculous?

Such a waste. Thousands of dollars worth of toys for a child who very rarely (if ever) touches them. Maybe I’m just jealous.

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Rainy Day

At 11:30 this morning after a good workout & a good breakfast the rain was pounding against the windows. I knew then it was going to be a long sleepy day.

It’s really a shame to waste such a perfectly rainy day not napping.

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Last week while at Camp Ma-Kee-Wa we had an outtrip for the day to Sainte-Marie among the Hurons historical village. I must admit I always enjoy these types of places as I find it fascinating to get a better picture of how those went before us actually lived.

I liked that they actually had people making things, not just talking about it. This girl (playing a male) is making a bow.

The amount of work that our ancestors put into every day tasks is so incredible – something we have totally lost touch with. But at the same time they also seem to have had a lot less responsibilities. Not everyone had to cook their own meals, they ate communally a lot. There was not the same obsession with scrubbing everything to within an inch of it’s life that we have now. And quite frankly the small spaces & limited possessions really would have simplified life. All that simple hard work had to be good for the soul.

The fort has a man-made waterway, complete with locks. For the demonstration they canoe through it but the interpreter explained to us that they don't truly know why the waterway was there.

There is a certain beauty & peacefulness when walking through these places. Sometimes I feel I could easily move in tomorrow & be pretty content – although I would have a lot to learn.

This was the longhouse & with just one fire going it was pretty smokey - Diaperbutt really enjoyed "playing" with the sunbeam. It's a little hard to tell from the photo but there was a ton of stuff hanging to dry from the rafters.

The thing that I just couldn’t shake was how arrogant the Jesuits must have been. On one hand I can see that they must really have believed in what they were doing to travel so far & through such adversity but at the same time to think they could walk in save the savages from themselves is just something I cannot truly understand.

Diaperbutt did pretty well with the day despite the fact that he was still fighting hand, foot & mouth disease which overall made him a bear for the week. Shortly after lunch he crashed & had a hard earned nap, in fact he slept through 70 chattering excited girls coming & going by our bench.

When the water rushed in from the lock around the corner Diaperbutt thought it was pretty wonderful, exclaiming "Oh Geez!"

I think there is a lot we need to relearn from our past.

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Sharing Secrets?!

Sharing secrets?!

Diaperbutt & I spent the afternoon visiting my close friend a couple of weeks ago. Diaperbutt & her lovely little girl get along pretty well & I happily snuggled her new baby. A lovely way to spend an afternoon.

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4.5 Hours!!!

Diaperbutt generally naps for 45 minutes each afternoon but it’s not unheard of for him to not nap at all or nap for 2 hours.

Today he napped for 4.5 hours!!!!

Guess a long week of camping while sick caught up to my boy. Thankfully his giant nap did not interfere with him going to sleep at the regular time this evening.

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Chickens & Apples

Ever since my Mom bought the farm 9 years ago they’ve talked about getting chickens, but every year has not been the right year to get started for different reasons.

Much to my delight she decided this was the year to do it – even if there are a bunch of reasons not to! She spent a good chunk of the spring readying the 100 year old chicken coop for habitation once again (I’d like to say I helped a whole lot but my only contribution was clearly some brush & old fences for the chicken yard & one small batch of chinking between the logs) & then in June we went to pick up the chickens!

Altogether there are 5 hens already old enough to lay & 21 chicks (we got a bonus one!) that will fill our freezers this winter. Apparently the older hens will peck the chicks & injury/kill them so the coop & the yard are divided into two sections to keep them separate.

You can see one of the hens outside & one of the chicks on the window ledge inside.

The chicks were so incredibly adorable when we picked them up. Who knew that when you see chicks on tv or in pictures they are pretty much a day old?! They only look like that for a couple of days – they grow at an incredible rate!

21 chicks in a very small box! So cute & soft - I can see why Lenny like to cuddle them close.

I must admit I was more than a little taken aback when we received the hens & found that their beaks had been clipped. They do this to birds that are being raised in close conditions ’cause they injury each other by pecking. Supposedly it doesn’t “harm” the birds but I must admit I find the practice rather upsetting & hope that in the future we’ll be able to avoid this but we didn’t know about it this time. So much to learn!

5 hens in a plastic box - we were a little unsure of how to get them out though but eventually figured it out.

Yesterday we went to visit & of course made a trip over to the coop to see the chickens. Diaperbutt helped me collect an egg & then we watched while Mom fed the little chickens – they get so excited!

Sorry for the poor photo - our Nikon is not working right now & my little point & shoot apparently has trouble focussing through fencing.

It’s neat to watch how quickly they grow & to see Diaperbutt’s interest in them. Mom set up a couple benches around the chicken yard so we can sit & watch & doing so is really relaxing. They make such a soft clucking sound – it’s quite peaceful – not loud & high pitched as I was expecting.

Check out our beautiful eggs!!! I love how much variety is size & colour there is.

So far the repairs Mom made to the coop are proving to well done as we haven’t had a single predator break the perimeter yet. The first few nights we were all nervous about the untested coop – there were so many holes that had to plugged & some things like weasels can get into incredibly small holes.

Right beside the chicken coop is a small apple tree that for some reason only produced one apple this year (perhaps there are more to come?) that luckily grew right at Diaperbutt level. After trying several pulls to pick the apple off the tree he just sunk his teeth into while it still hung on the tree! After that I helped him release that stubborn but perfect little apple from the tree & he possessively ate every bite of it while we drove home. Although at one point we did have a little apple emergency when he shoved the apple into his rubber boot & it got stuck!

A Diaperbutt sized apple at Diaperbutt height. Almost like that little apple grew just for him!

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