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A Sprained Nose

I think it is possible that the Little Man (Diaperbutt has officially graduated from diapers – we’re in underwear full time now) sprained, or perhaps broke me nose last week.

We were goofing off on the bed in the morning when he suddenly threw his hard little head into my face. Blood flowed freely from my nose & I will admit I cried – my goodness that hurt!!! It’s been 11 days now & my nose still hurts anytime I touch it.

I don’t know if you can sprain your nose but as there is no discolouration, swelling or malformation I am assuming it’s not broken.

My parents assure me this is payback.


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This past weekend a friend & I went backpacking in Algonquin. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for some time & then when we were having our beginning of the year planning session for Girl Guides she kept saying she wanted to go backpacking so I jumped on the opportunity.

We decided to do the Highland Trail leaving out of Mew Lake. We headed out Friday as early as we could but apparently it wasn’t early enough. The park said we arrived just in time ’cause no one was allowed to depart after 7:00pm but we’re thinking they need to reassess that timing as unless you are a serious runner there is no chance you can get in to the first set of campsites before dark.

So we hiked for about an hour & a half until it was quite dark. As we passed by Starling Lake the trail turned & headed directly UP & we decided that that was enough. We lucked out with just enough space between the trail & the lake to place our tent. A quick meal & it was time for bed.

Unfortunately neither of us slept well that night. You see Starling Lake was not labelled on our map so we weren’t 100% sure where along the trail we were. Did we pass the campsite or not make it that far? Plus just after we crawled in we heard a loud “Ka-splash” – damn bear threw a giant rock in the water! Ok – not really but neither one of us can figure out what the heck we heard & there was no other sound before or after.

Beautiful Starling Lake - much more inviting in the light of day.

In the morning we had a quick breakfast of oatmeal & tea & then hit the trail. As we suspected when we reached the top of the hill there was a trail sign but in the end we were glad we had stopped the night before as it was still a little ways to our intended campsite.

We followed this moose most of the day. It became a bit of a game to watch for her prints.

We had amazing weather – most of Saturday was overcast & cool. But we sweat enough to keep ourselves warm!

My friend kept us going at a good pace. Please note that this is not representative of the type of trail we were on - this was just one of the few areas I could safely walk & take a picture without risking an ankle.

I obviously need to work on my map skills. There was no problem in keeping to the trail but knowing where along the trail we were we found challenging. Most of the trail was through fairly dense forest so there were not a lot of landmarks to go by.

The Madawaska River as it heads into Head Lake was a welcome sight!

When we got to our site on Head Lake we were happy to stop & set up camp. We got everything set up & a snack into us before the rain started. Perfect timing! We crawled into the tent for a nap & a few hands of Gin.

We had an amazing supper of spaghetti made with dehydrated ground beef & mushrooms & tomatoe sauce leather - all of which I dried myself. So yummy! Mind you everything tastes amazing when camping!

After the rain we had supper & enjoyed a beautiful, sunny evening before a good night’s sleep.

Happy to see the sunshine come out!

Sunday we had the trail we had covered both Friday & Saturday to cover plus the drive home so we tried to get an early start to the day. We headed out about 8:00am hoping to make it back to the car in the early afternoon.

You've got to love a misty morning when you're lake side.

Most magical thing we saw all weekend (sorry for the poor photo) was this misty clearing. All the trees were full of spider webs all sparkly with rain water.

Nature's decoration.

Are you ready for the not so impressive stats? We hiked 1.5 hours on Friday night, 3 hours & 20 minutes on Saturday (plus 40 minutes in breaks) & 4 hours & 20 minutes on Sunday (plus 40 minutes in breaks).

Top priority on breaks after water? Foot care! Take care of those hot spots when they start & they won't become blisters.

We covered 26.5km over the weekend averaging about 2.5km/hour. Coming back on Sunday I counted the hills & we mountain goated up 19 hills (4 we decided were “small” so 17 might be more accurate) averaging slightly more than one hill every 15 minutes. So when the Algonquin website tells you a trail is challenging it should be believed!

Taking a much deserved break at the only lookout point we passed.

It's still too early for the fall colours - guess I'll need to make another trip out later in the season.

Although the trek was definitely challenging & muscles felt it I am definitely pleased with my fitness level. The weight I want to lose is still hanging on but I most definitely have improved my cardio & strength to a point that I am proud of.

And I seem to FINALLY be mastering the art of clothing packing. I used every piece of clothing I brought except my rain pants. No extras! But I must remember to bring a complete change of clothes to leave in the car to wear home.

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I can feel her there, just beneath the surface. Little bits of her keep breaking through, imperceptibly. And I think I am the only one who can see her or feel her, for now.The strong, amazonian woman I’ve always been is slowly emerging.

I see her as I towel off & catch a strong, shapely shoulder appearing. Her muscles ache at night as they grow & strengthen from our workouts. I feel her sturdiness in my bones inspiring me to stand taller, her agility in my stride.

Finding a way to unveil her has been an ongoing struggle but in the end when she stands tall in the light of day it will be worth it.

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Yesterday we went to the Shawville Fair. We took the Quyon ferry over (BOAT! is one of Diaperbutt’s favourite things right now) & spent almost 3 hours at the fair.

I have no pictures of our day ’cause I still could not locate a camera (I found it late last night in my knitting basket) but it was a lovely day.We visited all the barns full of animals, watched the horse pull (hooorse, hooorse shouts Diaperbutt), walked through the midway, played one game where he won a hooorse & indulged in bbq ribs & cornbread for lunch.

Diaperbutt did SO well with the day. He walked & walked & walked & only wanted to go on my back just before we left. Not surprisingly he crashed as soon as I strapped him into the carseat to head home.

If I could share one image of the day it would not be of Diaperbutt but rather of someone else’s little boy. As we walked through the busy cow barns full of people talking & milling around while the cows chewed & licked & moaned their complaints we came across a little guy asleep in the hay. He was probably about 8 years old & had curled up beside one of the young cows. With one denim clad arm thrown over the big, brown side of the cow he had his head buried against her soft fur & was sound asleep. By far the sweetest thing I’ve seen in awhile.

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I think Diaperbutt is going to need a new name quite soon. We’ve been calmly working on the potty training for a couple weeks now with at least some success. He seems to like sitting on the toilet & gets quite excited when he actually pees on it.

But until today he didn’t seem to be getting the whole idea that he could initiate a trip to the toilet. But today he did – he told me BEFORE he peed in his underwear & we made it all the way upstairs & onto the toilet!!!

He had only one (unfortunately poopy) accident all day. I am by no stretch of the imagination thinking this means we are anywhere near being 100% diaper free but it’s progress.

I’m thinking we need a nicer name this time. Underwearbutt has a certain ring to it (& he does look darn cute in his underwear) but I think I’ll class it up a bit this time.

Right here is where I want to insert a cute pic of him clomping around the house in his underwear & rubber boots as this is how he spent the day but I cannot for the life of me find a camera.

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Diaperbutt & The Dolls

When I was pregnant I lovingly made all sorts of things for Diaperbutt dreaming of the baby to be. Knowing that I as a baby/young child LOVED (as in could not sleep without) a silky edged blanket I thought a blanket dolly would be very special for my baby to be.

I picked out a super soft blanket material for this little dolly. I figured blue was at least a little bit boyish - not that it really matters.

Well, along comes Diaperbutt. I will admit I tucked that little dolly in with him many nights but he would just push it away. If I tried to tuck it between him & I to encourage an attachment (foolishly) he would unlatch & fuss & push until the darn thing was not touching him.

I wasn’t too saddened by this as he really hasn’t shown any love towards any stuffed animal or doll. In fact the exact opposite – he seems to be completely creeped out by them (so much so that he completely abandoned his much loved wagon when my Mom put a blow up cow in it!).

That is until this morning. Like many week day mornings we headed to the Early Years Centre here in town this morning (which is thankfully air conditioned) & he spent nearly an hour of the hour & a half we were there playing with the dolls. He caressed their faces, pushed them around in the strollers, wanted me to undress them & re-dress them, fed them, even kissed them.

Makes me wish all the more we had a real baby in the house he (we) could cuddle & love.

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