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So when everything was said & done I decided against competing in the Ottawa Women’s Open Powerlifting Competition this past Saturday. Between the OPA (Ontario Powerlifting Association) being unable to prorate the membership (which would be good for 1 month of 12), having to register for the competition & having to buy a little stretchy suit (which a good friend pointed out I should really reframe & call a superhero suit) it was going to be $200.

Instead I went as support to the other ladies I lift with & my trainer, Sarah, who was also competing. I am SUPER glad I went to cheer. Because I was “helping” I was in the backroom with the competitors observing warm-up, listening to all the talk & seeing everyone’s nerves. And then watching the competition I was able to see how a real competition runs & what to expect.

Watching was exciting. So great to see people meeting personal goals, to hear the room erupt with applause when someone pushed HARD & made a lift. Sarah set a Canadian squat record, for her weight category, of 413lbs which was super exciting to watch – it got very loud in that room! Awesomely motivating event to attend.

I have the Push/Pull at our gym in one month which I will most definitely be competing in (& it looks like Grumpy Bear will be too!) – I am going tomorrow to register for it. One month to focus & train hard.

Going on Saturday has been a real turning point for me in my focus & motivation. I have been so focused over the past months on making changes that I can “maintain forever” but I’m not seeing success as far as actual weight loss. It’s been discouraging.

But watching my trainers on Saturday, hearing them talk about their diet & goals & planning made me realize my mistake. They plan ONE week at a time. They focus on ONE week at a time. Sure it’s part of a larger plan but they aren’t worrying about 6 months from now right now.

So I am working hard at focusing on just this week, & on the harder days, just this day. Ok – I can’t go forever without chocolate cake (who can?) but I can make it through this week.

To help me solidify this I have started journalling my food again & will start bringing my journal in to Sarah next week for some added accountability & input.

As for the progress I am making there is a lot to report. Although my weight is still not down my progress in the gym has been going very well. I look forward to my sessions for the most part & have started adding in more cardio sessions. And my recovery is great.

Two weeks ago I FINALLY lost the box on my squat. I have been doing box squats all along to help me with form – especially in getting good enough depth. My hips are tight & it’s taken a year of box squats (slowly lowering the box) & daily stretches to reach a point where I can squat to depth (thighs must break parallel with the floor). This past week I squatted 155lbs for 8 reps without a box!

Today I benched – my next weakest lift. My form is constantly critiqued & is improving slowly. In June I couldn’t break 100lbs. Tonight I hit 130lbs.

As for deadlift, my favourite lift, I had a fabulous session last week. I’ve been struggling with hand strength & have been doing a variety of things to improve it. It’s been frustrating having my hands give out before my back. I pulled a solid 300lbs – something I looked forward to smashing at the Push/Pull.

I can definitely say I am proud of my progress in the gym – but it’s just a stepping stone – there’s still a long way to go.


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1.5 = 4

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that shouldn’t be equal but apparently it is.

It seems that Mr. Magoo is no longer needing his nap. Or rather the 1.5 hour nap amounts to a 4 hour delay in him going to sleep at night. But when he doesn’t get his nap he is practically begging to go to bed 2 hours early.

Oh my, I was really hoping the napping would continue for much longer.

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