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Mr. Magoo is picking up new words every day right now. Still not speaking in full sentences like some of his peers but certainly able to make his wants & desires & thoughts more known.

We all (ok, maybe it’s just me) think it’s pretty funny when a little one drops an f-bomb for the first time, but none of us really wants to be our child who does it, so, we’ve been a little more careful with our language around here.

But sometimes the embarrassing language is not something you’d expect.

On Saturday my Mom brought Mr. Magoo to the Santa Claus parade. At one point she was standing in his way & he told her to “GIT!”.

Mom thought she misheard & so asked me what I thought he might be saying. Where did he learn this less than polite way to ask someone to move? That would be from me, talking to the dogs. And I’ve been trying to catch myself ever since – I tell them to “git” a LOT (they tend to get underfoot at the worst times)!

Cute? Yes. Scary to have underfoot when going down the stairs? Yes!


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Awhile back I wrote about how I have surprised myself at how uninterested I’ve been in holidays since Mr. Magoo arrived. I just never seem to feel into it.

Well, the Christmas spirit has infected me this year! Most of the shopping is done, presents are wrapped, tree up & decorated! It’s been three years since we’ve really decorated for Christmas.

In 2007 we were just arriving in Costa Rica, in 2008 Mr. Magoo was just little & I was still recovering & then last year I just couldn’t face the idea of a tree & an active 1 year old with limited listening skills.

The decorating went incredibly well. The original plan was to get the tree up & decorated while Mr. Magoo was with my Mom but instead we merely got it erected. So this evening we all worked together to decorate it. Magic100 is all Christmas music so that set the mood, Grumpy Bear put on the lights & then we all hung ornaments. Mr. Magoo was more helpful than hindrance (at least at first) & our living room is now transformed.

New word of the night: "hook"

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At least that seems to be Mr. Magoo’s mantra as of late.

Today he gets no nap – we’ll see how he feels about that.

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