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I write a LOT of posts for this blog – in my head. As I’m driving, while lying in bed waiting for sleep (mine or Mr. Magoo’s) & lately on the treadmill. Unfortunately I’ve been doing a terrible job lately of getting those posts typed up.

For Christmas Grumpy Bear got me a gift that is actually at the top of lists of gifts not to get your wife for any occasion, but it was an appropriate gift. I will admit my reaction was very mixed at first. To be honest it took me a good couple weeks to really feel good about this gift.

What was this horrifying terrific gift?

12 weeks with Shelby Starnes, a highly recommended nutritionist (our trainers have been with him for almost 2.5 years). 12 weeks which, as long as I follow his advice, will guarantee I’ll lose weight.

What are my reservations?

The diet is pretty strict – probably the strictest I’ve ever tried (& oh, how I’ve tried different things). I just wasn’t sure I was prepared for it, but Sarah said “you’ll never really be prepared – you just have to do it.” Wise woman.

So I’m now almost 2 weeks in to my 12. I’ve lost 8lbs so far. I don’t expect to continue to lose at that rate but it is exciting to see such a great result right off.

Along with a very specific diet plan (which is carb rotation diet with very specific amounts of protein, carbohydrates & fat per meal) he has also prescribed the supplements I need each day & the timing for these & additional cardio workouts pretty much daily.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress.


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