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Hard To Predict

For the most part Mr. Magoo is not afraid of much. Fairly brave as far as 2 year old’s go but when his fear does crop up it is usually completely unpredictable & VERY overwelming for him.

Did he get fearful 2 weeks ago when we almost hit the deer on the highway? Nope, he simply said “Wow!”

He also didn’t get upset at watching the cat eat a mouse he caught or when the toilet flushes or at a big horse in his face or….

But he did find the muzzle on my sister-in-law’s BIG rottweiler (he doesn’t bite it just calms him when people first arrive) absolutely TERRIFYING. “Nose OFF, Nose OFF!”.

As soon as the muzzle was off & that BIG head was in his lap, licking & sniffing he was just fine.

However, when she picked up the muzzle again to put it away he had another attack of hysterics.

So weird.


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Tonight I was beyond grumpy when I left the house for my training session at the gym. As I passed the movie theatre it was so VERY tempting to ditch the gym & go drown myself in a bucket of buttery popcorn & a bad movie.

But I didn’t. I did vow to skip my cardio afterwards.

I started off with a little bit of time on the treadmill but it kicked me off & I will admit to crying a few tears of frustration.

Then I walked into the back room where bootcamp was finishing up to start my warm-up. A woman I used to train with immediately remarked that I looked “fabulous” & then another woman whom I only know in passing remarked that she had to do a double take when I came down the hallway because of my weightloss. What a boost!

After a good, sweaty, challenging workout with Sarah I felt great.

I even finished off with my cardio on the bike!

Sometimes getting to the gym is truly the hardest part —- but it is SO worth it.

As for the weightloss: I am now down 28lbs, not so shabby.

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