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12 Weeks

We made it to that magical 12 week mark & I still cannot believe I’m pregnant.

It was the same way when I was pregnant with Mr. Magoo. In fact it was that way until the day he was born – Grumpy Bear & I would look at each other daily & one of us would say in amazement “We’re actually pregnant!”

I distinctly remember shortly after his birth the three of us lay on the bed in quiet bliss. We looked at each other & just whispered “Wow – we have a baby!”

I always assumed that that disbelief that our dreams were becoming true was because of how long we discussed the “one day”. How many years we tried & yearned to become parents unsuccessfully.

But here I am once again in disbelief despite the journey being different this time around. After years of trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant you start to make other plans, to wrap your mind around the idea that it may never happen. But this time we felt certain it would happen. We knew it would take some time & probably would not be easy but it would happen.

So why does all still feel so unreal? Maybe it’s like this for everyone & the infertility is not actually part of it.


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It’s been almost 2 weeks since the powerlifting competition I entered in Toronto. It was a good weekend overall, decent driving weather, a well behaved 2 year old, visiting with good friends & of course the meet.

Me! At the end of a very long day.

The day started off with, what for me is, a very early rise of 6:00 as I wanted to be on the road by 6:30. We had an hour drive in the snow to be there in time for weigh-in at 8:00.

After weigh-in we got settled & waited for the games to begin. Powerlifting competitions run with three lifts; squat, benchpress & deadlift. For each lift you get 3 attempts & to move on you must successfully make at least one of these attempts. Once you chose a weight you can go up on the next lift but you cannot go down.

Starting with squat was not a confidence booster for me. I struggle with hitting depth on squat (your thighs must break parallel with the floor at the bottom end of the lift). It took me a year to be able to get anywhere near deep enough & every training session it takes a lot of dynamic warm-up & couple warm-up sets of squats before I started reliably hitting depth. As well, the squat is what makes this a first meet for me (I had previously competed in 3 push/pulls – therefore no squat).

We had worked out my starting weight in advance & I felt confident with my opener of 170lbs but when I got on the platform I failed to meet depth. This left me nervous & I requested 170lbs for my 2nd attempt only to have the same problem which brought a landslide of advice from one of the judges & other competitors (it’s really a very supportive sport) which really just made me more nervous. Interestingly half of the women were in my position – first two attempts unsuccessful. The third lift had to be it or my day was over. It was with a giant sigh of relief that I saw those 3 white lights.

There are 3 judges & each gives either a white light for a good lift or a red light for no lift. You need at least 2 white lights for the lift to count.

Here I am getting set up for my first (unsuccessful) squat attempt. (I will have you know I debated a LONG time as to whether or not to post these pics of me in my little stretchy suit.)

The second lift of the day was the benchpress. This was the one that took the most time as along with the 5 flights of lifters there was an additional 6 flights of lifters who were competing in bench only.

My first attempt was 105lbs which I missed due to impatience. The judge gives you commands, when to begin, when to lift & when to rack. This means there is a pause with the bar touching your chest to ensure you have good control. The pause was much longer than I anticipated & I started to press before the command. My second attempt I took 115lbs for a solid press. My third attempt was 120lbs & didn’t leave my chest. I thought it was interesting that every single female lifter missed their last attempt.

Huh! I guess that 120lbs did come a little ways off my chest!

The final lift of the day (& my favourite!) was deadlift. I started with 270lbs then moved onto 290lbs & finished up with 310lbs. I was excited for the 310lbs as I had attempted this weight at the push/pull back in December & missed it thanks to my lousy grip. I’ve been working on my grip & felt confident about this number.

It was ugly - but I got up.

The end results of the day: I finished my first full meet successfully, I brought home a shiny first place medal for my weight class (guess how many in my class?) & pulled the biggest deadlift of all the women (that’s the part I’m most proud of).

Oh, all this while 8 weeks pregnant!

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