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We finally have air conditioning. Well, ok, we finally have air conditioning in our bedroom. The rest of the house… still hot.

Originally we had been planning on putting in central air figuring it was a good selling feature & didn’t block up the few windows we have in this house. But the more we thought about it the more it didn’t make sense.

You see, we only have two registers upstairs, one in our bedroom which is pretty ineffective due to the long duct run & one in the hallway which is also pretty ineffective due to our habit of closing all the doors to keep the critters out of the rooms. Even if we did keep the doors open it would still take an awful lot of energy to cool upstairs (where we most want it cool) & in the meantime it would be FREEZING down here.

So, we’ve settled on window air conditioners. Of course, all the windows are different sizes so we’ve purchased the smallest ones we’ve found for our room & the office but haven’t found one small enough for Diaperbutt’s room yet.

On Saturday we spent the better part of the morning getting the one for our room installed – this was after our installation fail of Thursday night. We don’t have sliding windows & so had to make our own installation plan.

But it’s in & it’s lovely.

Hopefully the next two are quicker to install.


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