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Happy Halloween

Mr. Magoo "drew" this face on the pumpkin - my friend Supergirl did a fabulous job interpreting his scribbles, don't you think?

One of the things that has not panned out for me as a mother quite the way I envisioned has been holiday celebrations. I thought I’d be a LOT more into them but instead I’m finding I’m actually pretty laid back about them.

This was Mr. Magoo’s 2nd Halloween (ok, 3rd, but I was definitely NOT up to dressing him up at a week old) & he has yet to dress up for the event. Last year I had plans for a spider costume (with me as his spiderweb), even bought the stuff I needed to make the costume but we ended up with H1N1 & I didn’t bother. This year we have been out of town for the past week & once again it just didn’t happen – although we did carve pumpkins – twice.

Ah well, there is always next year.


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Ok – I’m a little late in posting this but it’s been a very busy week (I’ll get to that later) but my little man turned TWO on Monday!!! It is crazy how fast time can go by.

A talented cake decorator I am not but the icing was delicious (my little man certainly thought so as that was the only part of the cake he ate).

It was a lucky coincidence that a few friends were visiting from out of town & could come over for a meal & little party. Combined with all the grandma’s & it was a pretty full house.

There were presents...

and cake...

and even a homemade crown for the little prince.

At two he is a pretty special little guy – although I am more than a little biased. Here is an excerpt from the e-mail I sent to our doctors in Costa Rica with a birthday update: “He is a joy to us (most) every day! At two he is 15 kilos (33lbs) & 92 cm (36”) tall with big hands & big feet. He runs & jumps & climbs & gets into everything. But he also loves to help us with everything from building the back deck & fixing to the toilet to vacuuming & baking muffins. He “talks” a lot but still has only a few words – I think we are at about 4 dozen in total right now – enough to get his point across. He is a very happy little boy who is usually pretty easy to live with. He has a wonderful personality with a sense humour that is developing with each day. In August we started potty training & it has gone wonderfully – we haven’t used a diaper day or night in over a month now, although I do my fair share of wet laundry!

Overall he has been very healthy with just a few colds, one case of roseola & a case of hand, foot & mouth disease all of which he weathered like a trooper.He is a wonderful eater – which brings envious comments from many other parents of picky toddlers (I realize I am VERY lucky here!) & he is still very much enjoying nursing.”

He was very pleased with his new wagon from his godparents.

We spaced out the gifts over two days to stretch out the interest & make it less overwelming for him. This was the last one - a travel carmat I made for him. The orange along the edge has pockets to put matchbox cars in & then the whole thing rolls up & goes with us.

We’re in New Brunswick now visiting friends so I will have pics from our trip up soon. Tomorrow we are going to the Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy – I am very much looking forward to that as last time I was in New Brunswick my plans to make it there were foiled & it’s been on my list of things I’d like to see ever since.

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Ok – first off this is waaaay overdue – I tend to be bad about taking my pictures off of my camera sometimes. Sorry.

A friend’s little girl was turning two, we couldn’t make it to her birthday party but I still wanted to give her something special. I had seen these neat bags a couple years ago & was excited to finally get to make one.

The finished product - an eye spy bag!

It was harder than I anticipated to find a bunch of small items to fill it & I’m not sure that the beans were the best call – they made the bag much heavier than I had intended.

After getting my picture collage all set-up it turned out to be tricky to print. Next time I will size it properly so it prints perfectly on a 4x6 card.

It only took her a few minutes to figure out the game. Diaperbutt was very curious about it as well. Hopefully they’ll find it to be a useful distraction in the car (or wherever!).

She found the green soldier!

It is so much fun to watch little ones play together.

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He Found His Rhythm

Some babies apparently fall into a sleep rhythm quite young. Not my boy. But apparently turning one has been good for him as we finally have a predictable rhythm. It took a full year but I can now confidently tell someone what time my boy goes to bed.

I’ll admit I’m more than a little bit scared that putting this down in words will jinx the whole thing.

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32 years ago my Mom woke up with contractions. After she was certain it was the real thing she woke my Dad who said “It can’t be, it’s too soon.” & rolled back over. Well, it may have been too soon but it was indeed time.

32 years ago my Mom gave birth to me. I didn’t really, truly appreciate that until I did the same for my child.

Thanks Mom!

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We have been trying to avoid the noisy toys that need batteries around here. Neither one of us can stand to listen to high pitched music that seems to emit from them. And the ones that just go off randomly to try to entice the child over to them kind of creep me out.

But 2 weeks ago we got our first noisy toy from my Grandma for his birthday & it is a favourite.


The noisy toy from Grandma - best $3 she could have spent!

The best part about it, it will die before long & we can guiltlessly throw in the recycle bin!


Lucky for us the singing is not too loud or too shrill. As far as Itsy Bitsy Spider songs go this is a pretty good version!

Although we did think it would die before now. Grumpy Bear even called my Grandma the other day & gave her heck for it!

Back to the quieter, non-toy options in the house.

Back to the quieter, non-toy options in the house.

In all seriousness though, I sometimes have these moments when the toys sit untouched & Diaperbutt wants only to play with non-toy items that perhaps we need more or better toys, but then when I bring him to a friend’s house or the Early Years Centre he doesn’t really pay much attention to those fancy battery operated toys anyway. They can never compete with a real live dog afterall!

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A Birthday Book

It can be so satisfying to work on a handmade project. All the time the work is in your hands you tend to reflect on the person you’re making it for, dream of the possibilities of how it will turn out, how it will be used. Plus it’s just a little bit of fun to actually make something yourself.

And then it turns out … well, not quite how you envisioned.

I saw this sweet little felt book of family photos for Diaperbutt to play with. Reminding him of the people who love him & keeping those who are far a little closer. I envisioned sweet embroidery decorations & creative touches to each page.

Instead of it only bares a wonky resemblance to a book. None of my machine stitching is straight (why is that? I’m really not sure) & my embroidery looks rather childish. Some of the pictures didn’t quite come out the way I would have liked & the whole thing is not nearly as creative as I would have liked.

DSC_6878I end up finishing it almost a whole week late partly due to my feverish boy’s constant need to be on my chest & partly because of becoming discouraged at how the whole thing was turning out & more than partly because my sewing machine was out of commission for a couple of weeks.

DSC_6880But it is done & I hope that his less judgemental eye simply sees smiling, loving faces & bright colours. And maybe, just maybe, some of the love I put into it shines through.

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