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Ok – I’m a little late in posting this but it’s been a very busy week (I’ll get to that later) but my little man turned TWO on Monday!!! It is crazy how fast time can go by.

A talented cake decorator I am not but the icing was delicious (my little man certainly thought so as that was the only part of the cake he ate).

It was a lucky coincidence that a few friends were visiting from out of town & could come over for a meal & little party. Combined with all the grandma’s & it was a pretty full house.

There were presents...

and cake...

and even a homemade crown for the little prince.

At two he is a pretty special little guy – although I am more than a little biased. Here is an excerpt from the e-mail I sent to our doctors in Costa Rica with a birthday update: “He is a joy to us (most) every day! At two he is 15 kilos (33lbs) & 92 cm (36”) tall with big hands & big feet. He runs & jumps & climbs & gets into everything. But he also loves to help us with everything from building the back deck & fixing to the toilet to vacuuming & baking muffins. He “talks” a lot but still has only a few words – I think we are at about 4 dozen in total right now – enough to get his point across. He is a very happy little boy who is usually pretty easy to live with. He has a wonderful personality with a sense humour that is developing with each day. In August we started potty training & it has gone wonderfully – we haven’t used a diaper day or night in over a month now, although I do my fair share of wet laundry!

Overall he has been very healthy with just a few colds, one case of roseola & a case of hand, foot & mouth disease all of which he weathered like a trooper.He is a wonderful eater – which brings envious comments from many other parents of picky toddlers (I realize I am VERY lucky here!) & he is still very much enjoying nursing.”

He was very pleased with his new wagon from his godparents.

We spaced out the gifts over two days to stretch out the interest & make it less overwelming for him. This was the last one - a travel carmat I made for him. The orange along the edge has pockets to put matchbox cars in & then the whole thing rolls up & goes with us.

We’re in New Brunswick now visiting friends so I will have pics from our trip up soon. Tomorrow we are going to the Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy – I am very much looking forward to that as last time I was in New Brunswick my plans to make it there were foiled & it’s been on my list of things I’d like to see ever since.


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I’ve been negligent of my blog & I apologize. Life has been crazy here lately & I must admit to feeling a little overwelmed almost daily.

And I’m realizing that my 52 project goal is waaaaay behind. To be fair to myself I do have several projects half done & several others with the photos taken ready to be posted – now to get around to posting.

So, my mother-in-law’s house is on the market but as luck would have it her dishwasher died a couple weeks ago. It was old & beyond repair (repair was attempted) & needed to be replaced. Apparently a big gaping space in the cupboards is not a big selling feature.

Last night I went over & read the directions, wrote down the parts I needed & reminded myself to put my plumbing kit in the trunk of the car (yes, I do have my very own plumbing kit – it was a Christmas gift last year!).

This afternoon (after a truly fabulous La Leche League meeting in the morning) I hit the hardware store & then headed over for the installation.

So I now proudly announce that I completed the installation in one neat little session. No runs to the hardware store, no readjusting of plumbing joints that turned out to leak, no fiddling with electrical connections. Everything went smoothly & it is now sitting shiny & new ready for action!

Hmmm….how fabulous would it be if all my projects went so smoothly?!

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Diaperbutt & The Dolls

When I was pregnant I lovingly made all sorts of things for Diaperbutt dreaming of the baby to be. Knowing that I as a baby/young child LOVED (as in could not sleep without) a silky edged blanket I thought a blanket dolly would be very special for my baby to be.

I picked out a super soft blanket material for this little dolly. I figured blue was at least a little bit boyish - not that it really matters.

Well, along comes Diaperbutt. I will admit I tucked that little dolly in with him many nights but he would just push it away. If I tried to tuck it between him & I to encourage an attachment (foolishly) he would unlatch & fuss & push until the darn thing was not touching him.

I wasn’t too saddened by this as he really hasn’t shown any love towards any stuffed animal or doll. In fact the exact opposite – he seems to be completely creeped out by them (so much so that he completely abandoned his much loved wagon when my Mom put a blow up cow in it!).

That is until this morning. Like many week day mornings we headed to the Early Years Centre here in town this morning (which is thankfully air conditioned) & he spent nearly an hour of the hour & a half we were there playing with the dolls. He caressed their faces, pushed them around in the strollers, wanted me to undress them & re-dress them, fed them, even kissed them.

Makes me wish all the more we had a real baby in the house he (we) could cuddle & love.

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Some babies have soothers – Diaperbutt was never interested except for a brief period when in the car.

Other babies suck their thumbs – again no interest.

I hear other children yet have a favourite blanket – Diaperbutt gets rather irritated when you try to put a blanket it over him, I have to wait until he asleep to tuck him in.

And I’ve seen more than one child who has a favourite teddy or doll – Diaperbutt looks at them, looks at me & then either throws the toy on the ground or walks away.In fact he always looks rather creeped out by them.

I even understand that some children accept a comfort item as babies.

But my boy is unique.

He has adopted this as his comfort item:

Nothing like a cold metal water bottle to nuzzle up against while falling asleep!

When I read this to Grumpy Bear he thought I was going to post a picture of my boob – so I guess the water bottle has not been fully adopted.

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I have been terrible about posting lately – I just don’t seem to get enough time alone at the computer & Diaperbutt is everything but helpful when I try to open up my computer.

When Diaperbutt was really little I LOVED my ring sling. I made one for me & one for Grumpy Bear. He still uses his pretty regularly for hip carriers.

Here we are visiting La Paz Waterfall Gardens when my Mom came to visit us in Costa Rica.

It was so nice to always have his warm little body against me, we joked it was our magic sleep-maker as Diaperbutt could rarely stay awake for long in it. I had pockets in the tail so there was a spot for my wallet, keys & an extra diaper. The sling itself gave me a clean place to lie Diaperbutt down no matter where we were & more than once it provided the discreet space we needed to breastfeed.

Of course, when you find something that works well for you you want to share it with everyone!

I made this sling back in the winter for a friend. I tried a different shoulder type than I had used on our slings & liked it much better.

There are lots of great babywearing websites around & even some very informative youtube videos showing step-by-step instructions for every kind of babywearing device around. I realize now I probably wore Diaperbutt too low most of the time but it was comfortable for us & worked – with the next one I’ll have to play around with it more.

Pockets! Again a little different than what I had done with ours but I think this looks much nicer.

The hardest part about making the slings was finding the rings. Supposedly they can be found at “any local hardware store” but this proved to in fact be false. I try EVERY local (& not so local) hardware store & some specialty stores – no one had appropriate rings.

I sent this sling to close friends who just had a baby boy out east. Hopefully they've received it!

My Mom’s neighbour does some metal work & made these rings up for me at an incredible price. I’m a little bit worried they are too heavy but Grumpy Bear says I’m worrying for nothing.I’m planning on replacing the flimsier rings on our slings with these ones.

I like using woven fabric that’s not too heavy, although I recently saw someone else’s sling that was made from a slightly stretchy knit fabric. She said it was really comfortable so maybe it’s something I’ll try in the future.

Again with the pockets!

I’ve got another one planned for my  mother-in-law to bring to a baby shower she has been invited to. I don’t know the mother & I think I need to put together some sort of an information card on use. I’ll have to think some more on that.

I absolutely LOVE this fabric & can't wait to find another project to use up what I have left of it. Unfortunately I don't have enough for another sling.

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A year ago today was one of the longest, most stressful days of my life.

It was the day we moved back to Canada from Costa Rica with 2 cats, 2 dogs & one cute baby in tow.

We started the day with a prearranged cab ride to the airport in San Jose with a quick stop at the hardware store for cable ties (I had nightmares the night before of Sadie aka Houdini getting free of her kennel & running wild on the tarmac).

The airport in San Jose went much better than expected – you tend to draw a little attention when you’re travelling in a party like ours & so we did get a little extra help & attention.

Once we through security it was just a matter of waiting & hoping for the next several hours that everyone would arrive ok. When we finally boarded the flight attendants were fabulous double checking the animals for us & ensuring that all 6 animals were on board (yes, we only had 4 but we knew there were 2 others & we figured it was easier to ensure all were on board then to try to ensure our specific critters were on).

The flight was PACKED as it was the last one leaving Costa Rica for the season on this particular airline but it was uneventful.

Once we arrived in Toronto we were in store for several hours in security, we just didn’t know it yet. Turns out it was a particularly busy night in Toronto & the wait to get through customs was almost 2 hours long. Diaperbutt did spectacularly & although I was feeling awfully anxious about the animals we all managed to stay pretty relaxed.

Once through our customs we headed into baggage claim where are bags had long been sitting waiting for us, as were the poor critters. They had been unceremoniously stacked in the baggage claim area & abandoned – not a staff person in sight to watch over them & we could hear Macie’s sharp little bark echoing through the deserted chamber.

Relieved to see everyone in one piece we still had over an hour before we were free of the airport. To get the animals through customs went very smoothly (I was worried as I had not had their vaccination records translated from Spanish) but was a long process. In addition we had to get the paperwork in order for our sea shipment that was to follow in several weeks – we had been warned if we didn’t get this done during our initial entry into the country that it would seriously complicate delivery of our stuff.

Finally through all the customs steps with everyone in tow (& a baby who was getting seriously overtired & hungry – customs just doesn’t seem like the right time to nurse & I never mastered nursing standing in line) we headed out of the restricted areas & were immediately jumped upon by my Mom. She had driven up to Toronto to meet us with a friend of hers who lives in Toronto. They had been waiting the whole time we were going through customs – almost four hours & my Mom was getting more than a little bit worried something was wrong.

At the car rental desk we met our last bit of complication when there was  a confusion with the rental. For a moment it looked like we might be stranded in Toronto but eventually Grumpy Bear was able to sort it out while Diaperbutt & I took advantage of the quiet lobby to sit & nurse.

Once outside in the very crisp April air we found our vehicles & got ourselves all sorted out. The dogs were happy to be out of their kennels & get some loving & a pee break! From there we loaded up our rental vehicle with the luggage, cats & a fresh, new litterbox my Mom had ready for us. I installed the carseat & got Diaperbutt set up for the long drive ahead.

We had to disassemble Sadie’s giant kennel to get it strapped to the top of Mom’s vehicle & then we loaded the two pups into the back. At this point we parted ways (much to the disappointment of the dogs). Mom & her friend took the dogs for a long walk in a local park & then back to her friend’s house for the night. Mom drove home with them the next morning.

Grumpy Bear, Diaperbutt & I headed for his parents house immediately with a quick stop for something to eat (it was quite late at night by this point & we were way overdue for supper). Diaperbutt did fabulously & slept almost the entire 5 hour drive.

At Grumpy Bear’s parents we all toppled into bed relieved to have the long day behind us & finally be “home”, although it would be almost another 2 months before we would all be living together under one roof again as a family – one mommy, one papa, one boy, two cats & two dogs.

Looking back on it I am amazed it was a whole year ago – I think it is the fastest a year has ever gone by in my life.

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When I was a teenager I worked at McDonald’s. One of job titles was Birthday Party Hostess where I would be responsible for running birthday parties out in the Caboose (a ridiculously small, cold, fake train caboose specially designated for birthday parties). I clearly remember observing a 3 year old child running up to his mother & lifting her shirt to breastfeed. My 16 year old self was shocked!

And until I joined the local La Leche League I had not met anyone else who breastfed into the toddler years (or beyond). And although I always knew I wanted to breastfeed & that it would be important for my future children & I, I never for a second considered that the relationship would extend past the first year – after all, if they can ask for it they are obviously too old (I guess all the rooting & crying & nuzzling a newborn does it not asking?)!

But now at 16 months I am so pleased we have continued this long (& still going strong!). When his big brown eyes are looking contentedly up at me he is most definitely still my little baby.

And when I ask him if he wants to nurse & he gives me that great big smile while bouncing up & down & flapping his arms with excitement it makes my day ’cause I’m obviously making his!

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