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My little man’s new favourite play place is the little pond in the garden below our deck. He spends a lot of time there & the pond is slowly getting shallower as more & more rocks & mud & toys are dropped into it.

My view of allthe action.

This afternoon as I sat on the deck writing I heard the velcro on his shoes & looked down in time to see the running shoes going into the pond. His only shoes that currently fit I will add.

Oh well, wet is wet so I did not immediately rescue the shoes.

Next time I looked down he was drinking water from the pond out of his shoe.



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I like the snow. One of the things I most missed while we lived in Costa Rica was having no seasons (rainy season & dry season are really just variations of a theme). DSC_6918

The Big Girl have long had a tradition of a long walk during the first snow of the season revelling in the beauty of it. Of course now we have Diaperbutt & the little Tico dog to join us.


Our Tico pup is doing well with the onset of the cold weather. The Big Girl is elated to finally be back in her element.

I have to say I’m not loving winter clothes on Diaperbutt. The warm weather was just so easy in that regard. I’m not sure if the problem is that he is too big for “baby” sizes & so the clothes that fit are not appropriate for his stage. Or maybe everyone just deals with the ill-fitting, inappropriately designed winter clothes. I’m not sure but I’m on the hunt for winter clothes that don’t look like they’re going to suffocate the poor boy. And boots, oh, don’t even get me started on our boot woes.


Diaperbutt trying to get away from me & the mittens.

But our first walk was beautiful.


Milk weed - my favourite "weed" year round.

And Diaperbutt seemed quite enamored with the snow falling down & when I put him on the frosted lawn he smiled the smile that tells me he is ready to explore.


Ready to check out this new white stuff.


Ha - I got the mittens on him!

Now we are patiently waiting for the real snow to come.

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I was 10. My grade 5 class was on a field trip to the local ski hill in Edmonton. As such we were all lined up to be fitted for our boots & skis. I was last in line. At only a few inches short of my full adult height & well into my major growth spurt my feet had reached their final size which meant they needed to look outside of the children’s sizes for me.

Instead of quietly & gracefully getting the appropriate size for me from the adult area the teachers & skihill staff felt instead it was better to start with the jokes. “She doesn’t even need skis – just send her out the way she is!” I was miserably humiliated.

That was the start of me dreading anything to do with shoes – bowling, roller rink birthday parties (remember those!), shoe shopping (ooooh the shoe shopping!), etc. I think my Mom was also close to tears at the idea of shoe shopping for me.

20+ years later & finding appropriate footwear has gotten no better. It is one of those things that frustrates me each & every time I need a new pair of footwear. How is it that each generation is taller yet larger shoe sizes are still so hard to come by?

Unfortunately it looks like my dear Diaperbutt is taking after his mother in the shoe department. I foresee a lot of disappointing shoe shopping trips ahead of us.


If only every day could be a barefoot day.

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